September 29, 2007

My creation
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September 28, 2007

September 27, 2007

To explore the heart...

When someone is new at Flickr, the surprises, good and less good, don`t miss. But for the beginner photographer that I am, the surprises were good! More people from my contacts congratulated me, but one of them seems not to be too happy for Explorer results, and I wondered why... I love animals, all animals and of course I adore all my cats! When someone do something from his/her heart, the things are always at their best level. When we sincerelly and passionate love something or someone, we can see their entire inner beauty, because it is the spirit who speaks throught their eyes and faces. It is a magnetic emanation of the thing or of the living being. And photography always capture the spirit, the soul, the inner magnetism. If someone is searching the beauty of the truth, of all the life around, someone is seeking with his/her own heart. And the heart never, never lie! Both the photographer`heart and his/her subject`s enegy are linked in a new entity in the photograph! If someone put all his/her passion in what it is done, the resulted things are wonderful! Because they have life, they now have a soul! I feel photography is, at least for me, much more than a mean to reproduce a subject in given circumstances, it is a mean to find, even to create, someone`s or somethings`spirit and soul! In my, rather happy, childhood I used to draw, everyday I was drawing.At one moment in my life this wonderful occupation, and all my dreams to realize my heart, have stopped. The years went by and at this moment of my life, for which I fought in the last years, I chose to return to my childlike heart and to do all things that made me then so pure and happy! Because the call of the heart cannot be suppressed. I don`t know what are the criterions they use in Explorer, I chose not to be in a competition on Flickr, but to be in unity with myself and others like kindred minded and souled. But I can feel and understand the frustration of the woman, one of my contacts: there are absolute superbe images which are not and were not on Explorer... It is said that from the competition we can discover the best, but I don`t agree with this. In the future we will not have to compete for our beauty or/and truth because the future is diversity in unity and everyone will find a mean to express them subjectivelly.The best will result from all together and not from exclusions!

Morning light...

September 25, 2007

Cats & opossums!

I always saw and had cats, and never opossum, but now I know they are sweet, little cute souls!

September 24, 2007

Motivator.Confucius cote of the day:"Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life!"

In this stage of my life I feel, I know that I can do what all my life I couldn`t: became the expression of my inner joy and passion! I am hoping to find, create and express my true self. I no longer live after others laws and I have my own values. Wrinting and photographing are the appropriate means to express myself. A real passion bring someone an immense joy of life. It doesn`t matter in what consists the object or the goal. It could be anything. In my youth there weren`t days without painting in my own law. Colours and shapes gave me always so much joy. Life was simple, but so rich in beautiful, pure, emotions! Throught the life I kept my inner sight but, one step at a time, I lost this skill and, most important, I nearly forgot about the passion and the joy. Why is life so for some of us? Most of us didn`t know we make our own reality thinking and feeling the way we did. Yet now we know and I believe it is vital to recover! For today look at some of my daily motivators.

First contact

Well come to my blog! I am here to share with you some of my preoccupations and passions, thoughts, ideas, every day life`s beautiful things. I love the artistiq sight and touch in all their forms. I love and try to protect the animals`life. I love the creativity and the sensibility, the equilibrium and the harmony and I greatly value the clarity and the sincerity. I love the Earth and The Univers, I know that the most powerful law is the Law of love. I want to contribute to build our New Earth wich already exists in the Quantuum Univers. After a life spent between books and studies, in a very interiorized state, I want to express my inner desire for more light, to expand my inner life. And I believe there is more people on this planet who is searching to meet like kindred minds. Emotions are so important, our emotions and beliefs build the life we have and the planet and the civilization we all have, so they are very worthy and it is essentialy to cultivate harmonious and balanced feelings. This is also one of my means to search like me kindred souls and minds. If possible forgive my grammar mistakes, I learned the english language more than 35 years ago! However I put my energy in the words and images and I know they can be understood.