October 31, 2007

Digital painting: I love it!!

Full Moon in the orchard

Tropical forest before the tempest

October 30, 2007

October 22, 2007

About the ugliness

I am the kind of person, and a photographer, who refuse to register in any form the ugliness. The ugliness is mainly subjective, but there is also a general sight about what it is the ugliness. The ugliness we all can freely perceive. I met much ugliness in my life, in our world and also in photography. And I dont wonder why, we live on a polarized planet. I suppose sometime that those persons cannot see in other way the things, the world, themselves. But why expose and spread so much the ugliness? To force us to perceive the beauty that inherently exist everywhere? To compel us to be more determined to change the ugliness? Our perceiving is a choice, it is our thinking, the way we think. And the way we think is learned. We can change the way we think and therefore our beliefs. It is all about a choice.The way we perceive creates the reality we live in. If we take a look to our world it become clear the way we all perceive the life. In the old paradigm, we lived in a polarized world. What we concentrate on is created. In the old paradigm the ugliness had an equal right to exist as the beauty had. We are now in times which require another way to perceive, better said the new world isn`t polarized. The new world will be only one: beauty or ugliness. What will you choose? This is a great moment of a vital choice for all of us: what do we want our world look like? I consciously chose the beauty, a world of beauties for all of us! Why should I perceive the ugliness? Perhaps only to dissolve it. But I prefere to invest my creative energy in beauty.Because the ugliness will dissolve by itself without any help. If we all want a better, a beautiful world, we retract our creative energy and the ugliness without any anergy will cease to exist. It is that simple.

October 19, 2007

Today I want to thank to my new friend, Sephora, for her heart generousity and the precious suggestions she gave me in the last week. Thank you, Sephora! I have this gift for you, some lemons, fruit that I suppose grow up in your beautiful and sunny country!It is true: God sent me His/Her angels! Thank you! It is so good to begin a day in a such harmonious resonance! I wish you all joy and happiness for the week-end!

October 18, 2007

What I can say after six months of posting my photographs on Flickr is that most people love very much this kind of sharing with other people! And that their reaction is mainly an emotional one. Of course great technicians are also very appreciated because they produce something we could call perfection.But perfection exist also on a subjective plane. I perceive this as being good for all of us. Because if someone is only a photographs`s technician this could add nothing for the emotional part which any photograph has to some degrees. Photographs perceive the things of the world and/or the life with the producer`subjectivity, so an emotional reaction exists for sure. Of course a photograph can be done and used only by a mental impulse, a thought, an idea or a belief, to create a reaction, an emotion, a need,a behaviour, a feeling of a certain kind, to make a long story short, to manipulate people`s reactions or even to create new ones, a fact which is intended from the beginning. It is about a personal choice. Perceptions are learned, we aren`t born with them, so we can choose what and how we perceive the world, the things, our life, the people and the relations, even our being. To change the perception is an inner, spiritual, work and it is a free choice. We can choose our beliefs. It is a major path one can choose because our beliefs build our life reality, what we live...And if we want a better and a more beautiful reality in our every day life we must begin by accepting that our thoughts create what we live as our reality. Photography is a so wonderful and complex tool to create the reality we desire most in the heart! A photograph can change our subconscious and the subsconscious build the life! Women or men, we all have both female and male energy matrixes. Animus and anima, as Jung named them. Our conscious, animus, is the male energy, it is our reason and logic. Our feminine part, anima, is the creative energy-matrix and it is the subconscious. It is said it is a passive part and all-accepting and it is so because it loves us, so it is our servant: it create what we globally feel and think and believe! But also it can re-create our life as we believe, feel, desire, deserve. Great tool the photography! It can change our life if we are not in denial!

October 16, 2007

Stand up for Burma!

I did this manifest feeling a need to foster Burma`s people fight for freedom they deserve.I did so because because I love peace and harmony.I did so because we all need peace to build a better life for all of us. I did so to help the New Earth, which already exist in the unseen planes,to manifest in our lifetime frame. God gave us the Earth eons ago, to live and to evolve. What will we be without our planet? Wanderers in the Galaxy? We need peace just now on every part of the planet. Think about it and stand up for Burmese people to help them to gain their peace. Send a blessing, sent a light thought, sent the solidarity feeling, sign a petition or simply don`t accept the domination and the slavery, the violence and the coruption! I am a one who love peace, balance, harmony and creation, evolution, the right to live of every life form and I believe you chose the same values.And love is all we need!
Up date oct.17 * Received from Avaaz team:
"Last week, Burma went dark--the military shut down all internet, telephone and communication links with the rest of the world. They did it because it has been the pictures, blog posts, and emails--of monks brutally murdered, journalists shot--that have done the most to galvanize the entire world on Burma. Without that flow of information, the media is reporting dry diplomatic processes--and each day the danger grows that the press will move on. We can't allow the Burmese blackout to succeed. Avaaz is working to support highly respected Burmese democracy and civil society groups by sending them $100,000 in crucial technical and humanitarian support this week. These groups, working in the region with the right equipment and tools, can help bring stories out of Burma and poke holes in the blackout, shining spotlights on the ongoing cruelty in Burma. They are desperate for help to give humanitarian assistance to the victims of the crackdown and tell their stories to the world before the current window of media attention passes. Other donors take months to raise money; only we can be fast enough to meet this urgent need. Can we raise $100,000 (75,000 Euros) in the next 24 hours so the money can be transferred this week? Click below now to make a donation online: https://secure.avaaz.org/en/end_the_burmese_blackout/1.php?cl=32429238
A massive military crackdown has quashed the public protests and thousands of peaceful monks and protesters are right now being brutalized in secret prisons, away from the TV cameras. Burma's people need us more than ever. Over the last several days, over 775,000 Avaaz members have answered the call for help and signed our petition, launched a global ad campaign, organized hundreds of protests, and lobbied their governments. Yesterday, we delivered our petition personally to UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown, and helped win stronger measures on Burma from the European Union. The UN Security Council, including China, has finally condemned the crackdown.
The pressure is working. Every news story on Burma cites the power of global public opinion in this situation. Burma's generals want to stifle that power by cutting off all communication, and there is a real danger this week that they will succeed, and the press will move on. But we can stop them. Click below to donate whatever you can:
With hope and determination,
Ricken, Pascal, Graziela, Ben, Paul, Milena and the whole Avaaz Team"

Stand up today for a free Birmania!

October 13, 2007

I love Confucius!

Confucius cote today: 'In a country well governed, poverty is something to be ashamed of. In a country badly governed, wealth is something to be ashamed of."

October 12, 2007

My manifesto: I dare!

Confucius cote today:"

If you look into your own heart, and you find nothing wrong there, what is there to
worry about? What is there to fear? "

October 10, 2007

Confucius cote today:

"I will not be concerned at other men's not knowing me;I will be concerned at my own want of ability."

October 08, 2007

Why photographs?

Confucius cote today:" Faced with what is right, to leave it undone shows a lack of courage."

Because the photographs help me to bring all the beauties in my heart.Of course, the beauty seen through my eyes! Because the photographs help me to express my inner sights and visions.Because the photographs are my tools to create the New Earth, about which many on this planet already know.Because my higher self loves me enough to bring me all the joy of a new and fresh world even it doesn`t yet exist for everyone to see it. As in many cases, the photographs truly show who we are,what we became. "Who I am" can be seen in my photographs. Who I will be is still a seed in my heart. One day the seed will grow up as a flower,as a vision or something I cannot now put a tag on it... For many the photographs are a mean to show their material force among other people, their skill and power, their science and uniqueness. I love the photographs because in a second they can show a life and a whole world! A painter needs more time to crystallize his image or vision, he needs a lot of material things and the skill to know where to put all of them, great painters have this skill in their DNA. Can the painter and the photgrapher have the same feelings? Of course, but they express it in different ways.It is about seeing with their inner eyes for both.In my youth I wanted to become a painter, an illustrations creator for chidren`s books... I felt it was so appropriate for my inner world to come this way to the light of the day! But it wasn`t possible then and it is now, after more then 40 years. But now I no longer want to create illustrations for the children`s book,even my heart remained a child-like one, now I want to create a new and fresh life and world,an harmonic and balanced world for all to enjoy! Because an image is worth many thousands words and I have the courage to do what is wright both for me and the world I live in!

October 06, 2007

Make help possible!

Make help possible!
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" Passionately Pink for the Cure is a grassroots fundraising and awareness program of Susan G. Komen for the Cure, the global leader in the breast cancer movement. In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Yahoo! will donate $1 to Susan G. Komen for the Cure, for each pink photo added to this Group from October 1-31, 2007 up to $50,000! This donation will be used to fund breast cancer research, education, screening and treatment programs. Pick your Pink. Play Your Part. End Breast Cancer. Add your pink photos to www.flickr.com/groups/passionatelypinkforthecure/ "

October 04, 2007

He is Mihai, my nephew from my brother. An wonderful young man and an "indigo-crystal spirit" who has not yet found his place in our world, but he will soon! It is not so easy to be and live as an indigo-crystal seed because they aren`t yet understood by people around. They are great and old spirits, light-warriors coming on the Earth on a continous basis in the last 50 years to help the planet to ascend in greater dimensions of light. Often they aren`t conscious about, but look in their shinny and beautiful eyes and you can see the angel! They need all our love and help to adapt on the eartly life because they came here from so far and so perfect worlds! They don`t know to protect themselves and live on the Earth and are so idealistic that can easily become a pray for others despite their clever mind and multiple wonderful skills. Later in my life, after moving in the area where he lives, and finding this location was not a random event of course, I found a way to communicate with Mihai because I myself am "an indigo person going crystal" avant la lettre and he was grew up and educated by my mother the first ten years of his life, so we have much in common.At this moment of his life he needs some help after a car accident which took place some days ago when he was with his girlfriend. They are well now, thanks God! With all my heart gratitude I please you to sent him the energy of the love he needs this moment, just look in his beautiful and pure eyes...Thank you very much,the love you sent to this angel will be payed in your life too, because there isn`t giving without receveing! Love for you all!!

October 03, 2007

" Everything has its beauty but not everyone sees it..." Confucius

October 02, 2007

Great day today! I was to the shop to choose my new computer and a new x-picture card for my Fuji. Hoping to be more in touch with my book, my photo-book. I felt a little sad with all my problems, from my past choices, which then seemed to be so advantageous and now are challenging me. Not all I live today is from my own choice. But I had fun with Flickr.toys! I look at my movies and I laugh! I cannot change the world, but myself!