January 28, 2008

American Pie!

One of my two windows...

My winter plants in the kitchen...

Some of my cats in their basket...

January 25, 2008

January 23, 2008

In ten day I will be 56 years old. But my self it is much more younger, LOL! I have an entire new life before me! I wish you the same: a long, happy, creative life! The energy of the Earth`s crystalline core is spinning much faster than it did two decades ago. In truth space and time are different expressions of the same phenomena. In a manner of speaking space is congealed time and its velocity relative to the speed of light determines the density of the congealed space. So what we really have is our life! Enjoy my friends!

Daydreaming is seeing the future and of course having new and wonderful visions!

January 11, 2008

Declaring Our Intention: Ready For Changes!

There comes a point in most of our lives when we feel ready to experience a change we’ve had trouble carrying out. Maybe we’ve been stuck in a home, a relationship, job, or a town that hasn’t felt right for a long time, but we’ve been unable to shift our circumstances in the direction we want to go. At times like this, it can help to declare to the universe that we are ready for a change. Think of it as informing a helpful friend that you need her assistance to move to the next level in your life. If the time is right, the universe will respond with opportunities and offers designed to help you create the change you wish to see.
You can begin the process of making your declaration by getting clear within yourself about what exactly you want to change. Whenever we ask anyone for help, they can assist us that much better if we are specific. The universe also appreciates our clarity and has an easier time answering a direct communication than a vague yearning. When you are clear on what you want, write your declaration on a piece of paper and place it on your altar, if you have one. If you don’t, you can also place it under your pillow or in a box on your nightstand. Set aside a period of time every day to be silent with your wishes for change, repeating your declaration like a mantra. This lets the universe know that you are ready to change and will be receptive to its efforts.
Feel free to continue to refine and redefine your declaration, and remember to be open to the many different ways in which the change you seek might come to be. Remember also to be active in your own efforts, taking opportunities that come your way, watching for signs, and always taking responsibility for your intentions. If things don’t happen quickly, try not to be discouraged; it might take time to free up energy that has been blocked and possibly serving a purpose beyond what we can understand. If you continue your conversation with the universe, declaring yourself clearly and openly, you cannot help but experience the magic of changing and being changed.
What do you think?
Article from www.DailyOm.net-see the link on right hand

January 08, 2008


Jungle Moon

January 06, 2008

Pink winter moon over the hills

I just started a new serie of paintings which I named " In love with the moon and the trees". Sad enough, the 30 days trial period of "Twisted Brushes Studio" is over in 15 days. Ken Carlino did an wonderful work with this painting soft, I pray God to sent me the money to buy it because without his program I would never start again to paint! People have so many beautiful skills but frequently they choose to deny them. I never did so, I was always very happy to see the things made by my hands. And fortunatelly I really know to do a lot of things with my hands, so my creations keep me in an harmonic unity with my inner being. However I know people who know to do or repair a lot of things, but they don`t apply thinking that others will do better the things or, worse, that it is not their job. This is not the new paradigma. If you know to do something and you don`t you lose many of your skills and talents. Why spend so much money for all the things we need and could be made by us? In fact it is a problem of choice: you can choose to have two or even three jobs or to have only one and do a lot of things by yourself. "Time was money" in the old paradigma, in the new paradigma "time is creativity", but I believe that many people are in fact afraid to be creative because they don`t trust themselves and don`t think they are worthy. Why ? Because they were educated and taught so and they believe this. Again it is about choices. Work and create with the hands is wonderful and a great motivation! Dare to try!

January 05, 2008

Apple tree

January 04, 2008

January 01, 2008

Happy New Year 2008 !

The portal 1:1:1 is open, let`s try to path through it, my friends! Beyond the portal there is a better world for all of us and this would deserve all our efforts because,in fact, we all want to be happier, don`t we? Joke? Think about it!