February 08, 2012

The winter of the rose

If I am to put a name to every year of my life, the time when the Sun returns to the same degree it had on our birthday, the year of a solar revolution in astrology, the time from one birthday to the next one, this last one is for me ”the winter of the rose”. I will be under the rose symbol all the time until February 3, 2013. We arrived at our new home, sweet home, and were welcomed by the previous owner with a red rose. We arrived there later in the evening. After our arriving many national roads were closed because of the snow storms. We were so fortunate to arrive at home right before the roads close! Time to take a rest, to re-evaluate the experience lived in the last year, to appreciate what we have and the “now” moment. Time to be grateful for all the love and the help we received on the way… Travelling home with my three old kitties on the ship of the Earth. Walking our road and living from the heart in the spiritual Cosmos. But pay attention: living from the heart is contagious! Being grateful for such a rich opportunity even we wept or suffered unexpected pains, losses and betrayals. A rose for all my friends here!