January 30, 2012

We have a new home!

Good news, dear friends: we have a new house! I thank to you all for you gave me the power to succeed! After months of fighting the adversity that life puts before us sometime to test our strength, we begin to see the light again! I bless this tiny and warm house that will abode me and the last three cats! We lost Nestemata two months ago when she decided she had enough here and wanted to rest beyond the rainbow… Tomorrow we take the road to our new home. I will post new photographs as soon as possible. We move from Bucharest to Campina, on the Prahova Valley, a beautiful location in Romania and Europe. We have few things, most important being the cats, the cameras and the computer. Three sacks with my books were stolen last summer, so we no longer have books, we have only what remained after reading them all. I never expected that my life could take such a trajectory, but finally I believe our higher self knows better where to lead us. Our world will radically change soon, keep your faith, love your heart and try to see the world through your heart! I`l be back soon! Love for you all!