May 05, 2009

"Bring Down the Internet" or “Collapse the world's economy”? Nearly impossible!!!

As many of you probably know from my profile, I have a master in economy and I have worked as an economist for first part of my life. It is a long time by now I am searching for metaphysical causes of what we have as economic system worldwide. There are now scientific proofs that if an economic system collapses, by a premeditated or not design, it will not damage most of us, actually it will have more of a kind of cleansing effect. I mean those systems that try to restrict the freedom and the movement will crumble and fall away. If we investigate the Chaos Theory we will come across the theory of Complex Adaptive Systems, a very recent science. When people get together and form an economy as large as the planetary economy, we have a system whose properties remained quasi-unknown until we have the tools that can analyze the behavior of the system. It is now known that the more the system is driven towards instability, the more likely it is that it will suddenly re-arrange into a higher level of order. These changes cannot be predicted or scripted, but they do occur. If we have a pile of sand forming from a trickle-feed up top, as the pile rises in height, it becomes more and more unstable and it enters into Chaos. When the chaos reaches its peak of instability, scientists have concluded that we cannot predict the speed and/or direction of movement of any particle in the system. The system takes on an unpredictable behavior where it acts as a whole and not as a sequence of individual grains. There is a sudden shift and the pile restructures itself. The pile does not simply collapse, it just changes its shape. There are many resources where we can research, but this is a good one to start with: :
"A complex adaptive system is a complex system that has the ability to not only respond to the outside environment, but one that can adapt itself to become more efficient within its given environment: this is a system which can learn! All forms of life are complex adaptive systems. Plants grow towards the light, animals seek out food and humans work to develop themselves. Complex Adaptive Systems are formed by a number usually large of individual autonomous agents interacting intensely together, like human beings forming the global economy. This creates complex non-linear interactions that allow the emergence of new properties for the system that could not have been predicted beforehand. The new patterns are often system-wide. When human beings get together they form cultures and languages. "
This body of information clearly shows us why "Bring Down the Internet" or “collapse the world's economy” could not happen because both, Internet and world economy, are complex adaptive systems. Each person has the potential to restructure the economy and as long as the sun rises and sets, birds fly, rain falls, trees grow we have the resources to continue to persevere. We are a complex adaptive system and no one on this planet have anywhere near as much control over that systems, even some people would like to believe this. Individuals, alone and/or grouped, are the key factor. It is a time when everyone must do his/her choices because it is no longer possible to be with both sides, with both opposites: duality here on Earth is arrived at its own very end and we live it just now. No one could rule in a complex adaptive system that is filled with independent, free-acting individuals, any one of which could have a massive and unprecedented cascading effect upon the entire system. We are experiencing it right now. So there is place for much hope!

May 03, 2009

A note to my readers...

Thank you for being here all this time! Yes, I`m back! I had a hard time meanwhile. No, I wasn`t sick, I was so deeply sad that I couldn`t write a single word, also I didn`t make any new photographs and I couldn`t speak. Fortunately my cats understand me without needing a word, LOL! The money were and are so little, so inconsistent, that many times we are missing even “ the survival pack”, let alone the energizers for the camera, expensive enough in this country. Fortunately it was and is a good time to put new question, to choose new roads in my life, to change some beliefs, to heal some very old wounds. And, I`m sure, to meet new people, to begin new friendships, I “suspect” many new opportunities are somewhere around the corner, just at my hand now, arriving in my life.

I lost some friends, not by their death or my choice, but by their own choice. So be it, even it was so painfully hard to live and believe all that it happened. This meaning I was, again, misunderstood. But again, fortunately, we still have a roof above our heads, when so many others poor people have lost theirs everywhere on this planet. We have kind, good neighbors, many trees, fresh green now, lush vegetation around the bloc, many birds singing in their branches. A good time to begin build a new life, a good time for fresh and beautiful projects!

When I began this blog in the fall of 2007 I was urged by my heart to find a mean to speak about our New Earth. To keep the project alive with many other likeminded people. I`m not a channeler. I`m rather very intuitive, I always was this way, I`m a good medium and I have a good communication with my higher self. I also have a kind of bizarre knowledge accumulated in over 30 years of gnostic researches. I love all languages because that means communication. Spoken languages, emotion languages, light languages, sound languages, forms and shapes languages, we have so many possibilities! I equally love handcraft and work, mental work, emotional and fine art work.

In all this time I understood that the New Earth begins in our very heart and mind and it is created by us with the cosmic help of the planetary cycles. There are cycles in the cycles, little ones and greater ones, as in an onion, both in our solar system, the Milky Way galaxy and in all this Creation. No one can stop The New Earth because it is a cosmic work and timing. But in the process some people can be lost by their very own choice.