February 29, 2008

Spring is coming tomorrow!

In my country on the first day of March we celebrate the coming of the spring. There are a lot of legends and myths about, but I believe that the old tradition is coming from our forfathers the Dacs, 8000 or more years ago. The Dacs were the most courageous part of the Thracs and had an arian genetic from the people who lived this part of Europe in those times. The Dacs ealders were very sage. They could know if a young couple would be compatible and happy and live a long life together. The older and sage ones took some blood drops from each partner and put them on a plate. Now if one`s blood drops were easily gliding to the other`s blood drops it was the best of all the signs! The tradition survived to nowaday in many forms but it was simplified somehow. So today the youngs,on the first day of the month of March go to those whom they love, or are attracted to, with a cord, made of two silk or cotton threads, one white and one red. On this cord they put a tiny symbolic object made of silver or even gold, but could be made of any matter. In fact, all people exchange between them these beautiful objects, as a sign that spring, love, regeneration and new beginnings are now there, at our hand and for all of us, women or men, olders or youngers! Of course the spring is always a rejuvenating season of love of any kind!

February 26, 2008

The wind of change!

The second image and the article are taken over from http://snoedel.punt.nl today posts. Message from Mark, the Pleiaidians and the New Earth Federation
Through Mark Stearn. (26th February, 2008.) From Mark: Greetings beloved friends,
The New Earth is here. Mother Earth spent the whole night grounding her light body. Her stabilization continues as New Earth begins to move through her form. There will be a considerable shift into New Earth at mid day today GMT. There is such strong movement and spirit and I have been working with the consciousness of humanity constantly for the past two Earth days. There is such lightness now in the cosmos. All is lit up. Later today the air of the New Earth which is such a sweet fragrance will be clearly felt. You will know that you are in the new world. The vibrational shift begins today. Today is when Earth begins to move beyond the physical. You will feel more ethereal and you will feel the very definite sense of heaven through you and the planet. This is such an exciting time. We are so ahead of schedule. Inner Earth is also lit up. I can see crystals everywhere. I can see the inner earth cities just as I can see the inner earth crystal cities. Talk about a community. Without further adieu I now hand you over to the Pleiaidians.

The Pleiaidians: Greetings Sovereign hearts, We greet you from so many aligned spaces of the heart. Earth which is such an essential component of the divine plan for creation is coming together beautifully. The essential part of the jigsaw comes together. We are beside ourselves. Here we were talking about 2012 and we are honored to know that we have geniuses who could push this scenario directly into the present. There are still those who will cling to 2012 but truly you are in this space now and right on this day. What more could we say. Your Earth is a birthing chamber feeling the sweet fragrance of heaven. You are in a three day period where the New Earth becomes fully manifest. It is because so much work has been done that the Earth and the Source have permitted you to move forward in such a swift fashion. The Earth will begin to split in her form right about now. She is going to begin casting off her old body. Hand in hand with this is her direct move beyond the physical that she has been engaged in for more than an Earth year now. Sovereign hearts you have all made this possible. Know that the river that Mark spoke is now in complete tranquility. You are paving the way for one another through your stirring and pioneering work. Our hats are off to you. Rarely has such swift movement on an ascending planet ever been experienced in such a system of worlds. You are going to find your ability to move forward will great improve as of today. Your light bodies are fully ready now to accept the New Earth reality. You have been doing this work for the past three Earth years now. There will never be a time quite like this again so make your choices carefully. Earth is a birthing chamber and all dreams are now being made manifest. You are going to find time completely speeding up until it becomes so fast that it will filter out of your reality.The New Earth is currently replacing the time lines and all spaces that are out of balance for your ascending Earth are being carefully broken down and reweaved into the new world. The new world is here. Drink deeply. In no time at all you will find yourselves consciously and fully in the land of dreams. You will be able to travel anywhere at will and you will know just how much has been necessary to get you where you are to now. It is a monumentous time and we are honored to share the space with you all. We will speak again presently. We are your friends, The Pleiaidians.
The New Earth Federation:Greetings sovereign friends,Congratulations on reaching your goal. We will all meet soon as your frequency will be high enough where you can freely witness us. We wish simply to report that all is on track. Mother Earthʼs body is where it needs to be. The New Earth is carefully replacing the old Earth according to the divine plan and all change is now most certainly in the air. You will find the air of earth to be most different after today. You are entering a time of love, grace and simplicity and just as our friends said we are honored to share the space with you. We will speak more very soon. As regards the republic, we will speak more once your collective reality is permanently cemented into the New Earth world reality. We are your friends and eternal companions,
The New Earth Federation. Blessings,Mark.
Mark Stearn offers personal soul readings: http://www.freewebs.com/marksoul/
New Crystal Earth: http://www.freewebscom/newcrystalearth
Mark's Story Site: http://www.freewebs.com/solacehome
Sacred Circle of Light: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/sacredcircleoflight
The second image and the article are taken over from http://snoedel.punt.nl today posts.

February 18, 2008

February 17, 2008

My Sassky sniffing the spring...

I have a dream....

Made with Flickr toys...

February 10, 2008

Spring in the air?

"New Energy. Feel it. Just feel it. Stop trying to define it, that doesn’t work very well. Just feel it. It is a source of unlimited potential. It is a source of unlimited and free energy. The old human consciousness wanted to structure things. Structuring is fun – putting things together, building things. The old consciousness wanted to structure everything, assign it a value, therefore, it was easier to understand how everything fit together. But it came a point where you couldn’t figure it out anymore, couldn’t figure out how all the pieces worked. But yet the humans continue to structure, to analyze everything. New Energy has no structure. It is energy, but it doesn’t have structure. Therefore, scientists will find it very difficult to identify. New Energy is without structure, but yet it can apply itself into current forms, into current consciousness and enhance it. But as New Energy comes into current concepts and actually even into physical reality and physical structures, it will seem to be or appear to be that the New Energy actually destroys the old concept or the old structure. It seems to annihilate it. But when you look again or feel again, you’ll understand it hasn’t done that at all. It was an illusion. Old Energy, wanted to be comfortable ... comfortable. New Energy has no need for comfort. It’s about expanding and evolving, experiencing and playing, because there is no right or wrong, good or bad, pain or comfort. It’s just consciousness." (From http://snoedel.com)

February 02, 2008

Happy birthday, White Tulip!

My Flickr sweet friend Hypppylany from Hungary congratulated me today for my tomorrow 56 years birthday! Be blessed with the beauty and the love of the Life, sweet friend!


February 01, 2008

February winter on my street...

My plants turned their leaves to the light, but the winter sun brings few light in my kitchen...

Three of my cats asking for their dinner!