April 29, 2008

We are the keepers of the arts & light. And the art is meant to be light.

Art is an essential part of what I really am, I love art and those who create art in any form. I know, I may be too philosophical sometime. My heart and being, they grew up through art, they could see our New Earth through the eyes of the art which is the genuine natural Creation .

My DNA is an artistic one, but my creations are still in my inner being, they didn`t yet surface the world because they want to be manifest for the celebration of the New Earth.

People of the Earth are very creative. We had-have so many creations here! Grandiose creations, but also we have everyday creations, to put the things so, those we live with.

Women always needed at least one wonderful thing daily! It could be a picture or a beautiful art object in their home. A song or a scent. A little dress or a scarf, women of all colors, cultures and shapes , of all around the planet, love beautifully handcrafted art creations.

Specially those which bring more light in the everyday life. Men too are wonderful creators who love very much to offer the object of their creation. I couldn`t say that women or men are ones more creative than others. At a deeper, energetic, spiritual level, the difference between masculine and feminine miss any significance . We are all creative people in a way or other.

But we also have on this planet “ the keepers of the arts” , those who keep the light of the arts bright in the hard times as those we are now in. And fortunately, all around the planet, very culture and country have some of them! People who continue to create our everyday light through art and people who foster the entire process. Our souls need the beauty as they need to breath.

Those who tried to separate our souls from ourselves for to easier steal our soul, because they have any soul of their own, and maintain their control of the Earth are never meant to win the battle, because Earth`s people have a special DNA , a creative and artistic one!

It is through the creation power we all have we are strong and meant to win the battle between Light and Dark. For ever this time.

Don’t give up, Earth`s women and men! We are on the edge of the true end, the end of ugliness and injustice in any form!

Remind every day that we also have the help of the keepers of the arts, the keepers of the light even they are not always conscious about the meaning of their work.

Don’t give up, we also have a help from all the beauties of the past timelines, as we have from those that come from our future timelines.

We are on the Earth to keep Her integrity, to steward Her. We are meant to be active at this Time as we chose to be here now.

We entered this timeline to alter the becoming of our ship, the planet Earth. The keepers of the light live everywhere.

They are those who create things which make our days much more beautiful.

The things we live with, those we see at the time we go to bed or we wake up, at the time we prepare ourselves to go through the days.

In fact we all have so many material objects, things, around us, all made by some of us who chose to create them. Who live to create from their soul and spirit. In doing so they are spreading the light. The light everywhere.

It could be an earring, a bead, a pearl, a ring or a carpet,a blanket or a dress or a shoe, a bag or a pot, really anything!It could be anything. Perhaps sometime it is necessary an effort to keep our light alive.

But let`s try to know and love all that is and the creators we are because that is an essential help in keeping the Light at work.

Think, feel every day about love, sharing, prosperity and beauty for they enrich our collective consciousness helping all of us to manifest the New Earth!

The collective consciousness contains all what it was and is thought and felt from eons we are on the planet Earth and in this galaxy. It came the time to change the way we existed until now. And for the benefit of all.

It is up to us to change the things as they are now. Why do we permit that awful crises to be created for all for us??

Is that purpose great, generous and noble enough for all of us, those around, for our environment? I feel it is. I think art=light. I feel light=art. But what about you?

April 09, 2008

Just pearls?

I always loved the beautiful pearls,it is about my exalted Moon in the sign of Taurus. Only seeing pearls` images one could feel joy and beauty in the heart. But years ago I saw a little TV movie about how cultured pearls are made and I wept because it was about a little being in a big suffering.

I never had natural pearls but, if I would have, I believe I couldn`t wear them. Even their symbol is about purity, beauty and eternal love, I feel the pearls are the fruits of too many suffering.

Not only their own suffering to born the pearl, but also they contain the suffering of all the people who worked to create them. And sometime a pearl is born with the price of the life of the mollusc. I could think that all is about a consens, established before coming on the Earth, between us and the mollusc people. As it is in the case of all beings we eat and/or use: chicken, sheep and many others.

Misteriously,despite all this, one can feel the beauty and the joy that pearls bring into our daily life. An intelligent, evolved, sensible and loving humanity should love and respect this creation: the unique pearl.

History showed us that pearls were always venerated. It is said that their value is even nowaday equal to the gold, so pearls were, and I suppose they are, also the object of the greed, thefts and battles.

I think about all the people who work for this uniqueness can come into our life. I think and feel about the mollusc as I do about a true, souled somehow, being and yet I wonder about the consens.

I believe that the sufferings of the molluscs add the true value to the pearls, as all suffering of a human being increase his/her spiritual gain. I love pearls. I respect them not only for their divine beauty,purity and eternal symbolism of love, but because they are the final result of a spiritual existance.

What will happen with pearls in the future? What will be their place in our life beyond their actual adornment role?